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James MacKrell's books are available on Amazon.


One of our Warner x Koda pups, Pippi (formerly known as Falen).
Falen has gone to a home where she has been trained as a service dog.

Here is the blog site for "My Aussie For Autism".
This is Pippi's owner's story ...


"Down from the Mountain:
    The story of Bandit and the Wolf"

The Bandit Project

Click on the link to read about this wonderful "book with benefits", a portion of the proceeds will go to canine cancer research!

The "hero" of the book is based on Warner's sire "Bandit" aka HOF VCH WTCH CH Shopes Goodnight Bandit CDX RTDsc HAs HXd. In the words of one of America’s bestselling novelist’s, Agnes Sligh Turnbull… “a dog's life is very short, their only fault, really.”



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